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October 14, 2016
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November 11, 2016

Put on Your New Smile

Florence, SC area patients can use veneers to disguise imperfections of the smile


Imperfections of the smile can negatively impact its appearance. Patients with issues such as permanent staining, breakage, misalignment, or gaps between teeth may avoid smiling or talking to others because they are self-conscious of the way their smile looks. When issues such as this are present in the smile, patients are encouraged to visit a cosmetic dentist to discuss possible solutions. Florence, SC area residents are welcome to book an appointment at Richardson and Lunn, DMD Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to discuss options such as porcelain veneers.


Veneers have been used for many years to disguise problems within the smile. Imperfections are easily covered with these facings that are fabricated to match the patient’s existing teeth. This ensures seamless integration into the smile, eliminating the chance that the restoration could stand out as a dental repair. Porcelain veneers are made of ceramic that is extremely strong and durable. This extends the longevity of these restorations, which are known for lasting a decade or longer with proper care. Patients with porcelain veneers are encouraged to book regular dental visits with Drs. James Richardson and Margaret Lunn to check for problems which can arise, including the development of periodontal disease or cavities on the tooth’s structure underneath the veneer. It is incredibly important for patients to be proactive in protecting their natural teeth while protecting the investment in their smile. An alternative to porcelain veneers is composite resin bonding, but this option does not last nearly as long and is not stain resistant.


Drs. James Richardson and Margaret Lunn of Richardson and Lunn, DMD Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are the premier dentists in the area of Florence, SC. Their practice is equipped with the best technologies and they have the experience and compassion to help patients of all ages in their state-of-the-art facility. Patients located in the Florence, SC area who are ready to learn more about porcelain veneers and other cosmetic restorations are welcome to contact the team today by calling (843) 662-3505. Their practice is conveniently located at 1525 Heritage Lane and is accepting new patients and families.

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