Credentials of a General Dentist

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February 27, 2017

Credentials of a General Dentist

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The family dentist or general dentist is the first person to see when any pain comes to the mouth or gums. While sitting in a dental chair, with the cotton and suction hose in mouth, is an uncomfortable feeling; you do not need to feel uncomfortable with your family dental practitioner. Ask them anything about your teeth, gums, how to brush or floss, the best toothpaste or dental floss. We do suggest you wait until after the cotton and suction hose is removed or the questions may sound like: ohhh mmmmph grgl gllph gllllckk. Not that your friendly dental professional wouldn’t be capable of understanding. General dentists do have a great deal of knowledge and understanding and can handle a variety of dental procedures. These men and women ‘know the drill’ in cavity prevention and diagnosing, treating oral diseases, and advising their patients on good oral hygiene.

Well they should ‘know the drill.’  The level of education and clinical training to earn a dental degree is on par with that of medical schools. Generally, three years of undergraduate education and four years training in an accredited dental school is required to become a general dentist. General dentists must pass a national written exam, state or regional clinical licensing exam, and must meet continuing education requirements for the duration of their careers to keep up-to-date on new scientific and clinical developments.

The family dentist treats patients in all age ranges. Family dentists can work solo in their own practice or as part of a group.  The family dentist can be a DMD, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or possibly be a DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery. Yes, a general dentist who is a DDS is capable of doing tooth extractions, though if he or she believes that a tooth needs the skills of an oral surgeon specialist they will refer patient to such person or to any other specialist that would better treat a specific difficulty. The general dentist has a broad general knowledge and is first person to call when pain comes to the mouth or gums.

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