What differentiates periodontal abscess and periapical abscess?

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January 24, 2017
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January 24, 2017

What differentiates periodontal abscess and periapical abscess?

Florence SC Dentists Discuss Types of Abscesses 

After a tiring work week, all you want is to stay in your room and watch movies all day! However, stinging pain in your mouth prevents you from enjoying the much-awaited weekend. One of the leading causes of the pain you are feeling may be a tooth abscess. Below, your Florence SC Dentists discuss types of abscesses.

An abscess is a body-generated defense to fight infection in your mouth. Pain begins when your body creates a pus pocket. There are times when the infection worsens and leads to fever and swelling. It is important to seek dental treatment right away because prolonging the reign of infection will harm the surrounding areas where the abscess began.

Let us delve deeper into what differentiates the two types of abscesses:


Periapical abscess

This is the most common type of abscess, and it happens inside the tooth; hence the other term, tooth-related abscess. This type of abscess occurs at the tip of the tooth’s root. It is also because the tooth’s nerve is dying or dead already. If left untreated, the infection spreads to the surrounding bone.


Periodontal abscess

This is also known as gum abscess. It is usually caused by an infection in the space between the tooth and gum. Infection begins when food gets stuck between the tooth and the gum. Thus, proper flossing is highly recommended. People who have severe periodontal disease also experience bacteria build-up in the bone and under the gum. A periodontal abscess may damage the other parts of gums if no treatment is applied.

Curing an abscess falls under your dentist’s prerogative and the type of abscess that you have. But, it is vital that you seek treatment immediately even if the pain you feel is bearable. Leaving a pus pocket in your mouth only cause further damage to your oral health.

You also have to make sure to maintain proper oral hygiene after undergoing treatment. Infection begins in areas that are untidy and deteriorating. So, you better step up your game when it comes to nursing your dental health.

After all, life without a bright smile is not possible when you are exposed to an infection. Smile brightly and eliminate those unnecessary dental hurdles!

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